Scrum Poker


Scrum Poker configuration

This page describes how to configure the Scrum Poker add-on to work in your Jira application.

Global Configuration

The Scrum Poker add-on has some global configuration parameters that can be configured from the administration section of your Jira application.

To locate the global configuration navigate to the Administration menu, then select the entry labelled Add-ons. You will now find a section called Scrum Poker in the left sidebar as shown in the screenshot below:

Locate the global configuration for Scrum Poker

Configuration options

On the page Configuration you have two configuration options to make the Scrum Poker add-on fit to your needs:

Global configuration for Scrum Poker

Field for confirmed estimation

Select the custom field that is used to persist the confirmed estimations when completing a Scrum Poker session.

Jira Software creates the field Story Points for estimations. Since this field is translated into your Jira system language it might have another label. In a German Jira instance this field is called Story Punkte for example.

It is preferred to choose this field because estimations that are saved into this field are displayed in the estimation badge on the backlog of agile boards.

Session Timeout

Adjust the session timeout of Scrum Poker sessions in hours. Sessions older than this timeout will not be shown on the Active Sessions page to keep this page clean and intuitive.