Scrum Poker for Jira


Scrum Poker configuration

This page describes how to configure Scrum Poker for Jira to work in your Jira application.

Global Configuration

Scrum Poker for Jira has some global configuration parameters that can be configured from the administration section of your Jira application.

To locate the global configuration navigate to the Administration menu, then select the entry labelled Manage apps. You will now find a section called Scrum Poker in the left sidebar as shown in the screenshot below:

Locate the global configuration for Scrum Poker

On the page Configuration you have global configuration options to make Scrum Poker for Jira fit to your needs:

Global configuration for Scrum Poker

Confirmed Estimation Field

Select the custom field that is used to persist the confirmed estimations when completing a Scrum Poker session.

Jira Software creates the field Story Points for estimations. Since this field is translated into your Jira system language it might have another label. In a German Jira instance this field is called Story Punkte for example.

It is preferred to choose this field because estimations that are saved into this field are displayed in the estimation badge on the backlog of agile boards.

Estimation Permission Check

Decide whether every participant of a Scrum Poker session is allowed to save the estimation or permission to edit the issue shall be required for the current user.

Session Timeout

Adjust the session timeout of Scrum Poker sessions in hours. Sessions older than this timeout will not be shown on the Active Sessions page to keep this page clean and intuitive.

The default value is set to 12 hours which implies that sessions of the last half day are shown on the Active Sessions page.

Default Project Activation

Decide whether Scrum Poker is enabled or disabled for all projects per default. This global setting can be overridden per project in the project settings.

Allow Reveal Deck

Decide who is allowed to reveal the votes and make them visible during a Scrum Poker session. You can choose from the following options:

Show Dropdown on Boards

Decide whether to show the Scrum Poker dropdown on boards or not. In older versions of Scrum Poker this dropdown was the only way to access the list of active Scrum Poker sessions. Today the Scrum Poker menu elements in the Jira top menu Boards are preferred.

By default this option is disabled as this feature is just a convenience feature for users of older Scrum Poker versions who want to use this way to open the Active Sessions page.

Project Configuration

Scrum Poker for Jira also provides project specific configuration.

The locate the project specific configuration navigate to the project and find the Project settings link in the bottom of the left menu. Inside the Project settings you can find a menu option called Scrum Poker that leads to the configuration.

On the page Project Configuration you can find the configuration options the make Scrum Poker for Jira fit to the needs of your Jira project:

Project configuration for Scrum Poker

Enable Scrum Poker

If Scrum Poker is not enabled for all projects with the Default Project Activation setting in the global settings this project specific setting allows you to enable Scrum Poker explicitly for the current project.