Scrum Poker for Jira


Compatibility Matrix

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Scrum Poker for Jira is always developed against the latest version of Jira Server to ensure compatibility with all upcoming changes. To ensure backwards compatibility with older Jira Server versions Scrum Poker for Jira is tested with the last two enterprise releases of Jira Server.

Scrum Poker version developed for Jira also tested with Jira
3.7.x to 3.9.x Jira 7.13.x Jira 7.6.x and Jira 7.13.x
3.10.x to 3.11.x Jira 8.0.x Jira 7.6.x and Jira 7.13.x
3.12.x and newer Jira 8.1.x Jira 7.6.x and Jira 7.13.x

General advise

Only the latest version of Scrum Poker for Jira brings you the latest and greatest set of features and fixes. It is our core interest and we are working hard to provide you with stable iterations from version to version of this app.