Scrum Poker for Jira


Error Log

This page describes how to use the error log for Scrum Poker for Jira to see a list of errors that were raised from Scrum Poker for Jira code.

Locate and use

To locate the error log navigate to the Administration menu, then select the entry labelled Manage apps. You will now find a section called Scrum Poker in the left sidebar with a link to the Error Log as shown in the screenshot below:

Locate and use the Error Log

If errors exist the error log shows a table with the most recent errors and a button Empty Error Log will also be displayed. One click empties the error log.

What is logged?

Every error is logged and listed with the following information if available:

Please provide us with all this information in case of problems with Scrum Poker for Jira. This will help us to analyze and solve your problem.