Scrum Poker for Jira

User Guide

Feature Overview

Scrum Poker for Jira enables your agile teams to collaboratively estimate their work items using a clean and interactive user interface that is seamlessly integrated into Jira Software.

Scrum Poker for Jira helps Kanban, SAFe, LeSS or Scrum teams estimate their work using the well-known Planning PokerĀ® method.

Easy installation and quick setup

Scrum Poker for Jira can easily be installed and configured for your existing Jira instance. Complete the setup and start your first Scrum Poker sessions after three easy steps. You can get a free trial license in the Atlassian Marketplace to evaluate Scrum Poker for Jira and test all functionality.

The administration section contains two pages that explain how to install Scrum Poker for Jira and that guide you through the possible settings to configure Scrum Poker for Jira.

Start Scrum Poker sessions with a single click

New Scrum Poker sessions can be started with just a single click for every estimable issue. Whether you currently display an agile board, have the issue detail page opened or view an issue list there is always a button or context menu available to start a new session or join a currently running Scrum Poker session for this issue.

The user guide explains how to start a Scrum Poker session or how to join a Scrum Poker session.

Start Scrum Poker sessions from workflow transitions

If required Scrum Poker sessions can also be automatically started from workflow transitions using the workflow function provided by Scrum Poker for Jira. For example, this allows you to start a Scrum Poker session when an issue transitions from a status like Refinement into another status like Estimation.

Read more about how to enable this feature for your workflows in the administration guide that explains how to configure Scrum Poker for Jira.

User interface fostering interaction and discussion

The user interface for Scrum Poker sessions focuses on the presentation of the information that is important for an estimate and motivates the participants to interact and discuss.

The description, comments and subtasks for the issue are clearly presented and help the participants to make an estimate. Additional fields can be configured and displayed to aid in better estimates. Participants with different estimates are marked and encouraged to discuss with each other.

The user guide explains how to participate in a Scrum Poker session.

Reference estimates lead to better estimates

When participants hover over the possible cards they can choose from during a Scrum Poker sessions they see a list of references to previous sessions they participated in with the same estimate agreed on.

See this feature in action in the user guide on the page that shows how to participate in a Scrum Poker session.

Define your own card sets

Scrum Poker for Jira is initially configured with the simplified Fibonacci card set. This card set allows you to choose from the following values: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 20, 40 and 100. In addition, a coffee cup and a question mark can be used to indicate that you need a break or cannot estimate the issue. This initial configuration can be easily adjusted according to your wishes. T-shirt sizes, working hours or rubber dots are just a few clicks away.

The administration section explains all possible settings including the card set setting on the Scrum Poker configuration page.

Use Scrum Poker for Jira in your language

The entire user interface is internationalized and follows the language set by the user, if available. You are welcome to request translations into other languages.

You can find a list of currently supported languages in the user guide.

Many ways to easily join a Scrum Poker session

There are several ways to join a Scrum Poker session. A list of active sessions is available to all users. The Scrum Poker session can also be accessed from individual issues or by URL. Another option is the QR code, which can be scanned to join the Scrum Poker session.

All these options are explained on the Join a Scrum Poker session page.

Security and privacy in mind showing only issues users may view

Scrum Poker for Jira takes permissions and access restrictions very seriously. Users are only allowed to access Scrum Poker sessions on the issues that the user can see based on their roles and rights.